Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Powered Armor….

Many many years ago, I picked up and read a novel called “StarShip Troopers”, And ever since then I have had a love for powered armor. Now “Starship Troopers” was nothing like the movie of the same name, yes some of the character’s names were the same, but after that the similarity ends. In the novel, The troopers were encased in suits of heavy armor with jump jets and a staggering array of weapons (including the famed Mini Nuke). The Japanese have been the masters of Powered armor since, including it in many Anime and Manga. I need to make sure that it is understood for the record, I don’t like the towering Huge suits, no I prefer the suits under 10 feet tall, like “appleseed” and the works of Masamune Shirow and the superlative work of Kow Yokoyama on his legendary SF3D line. In fact, the Japanese so rule this line of Sci-Fi that most western entries into genera these days is a copy of the look and feel of the Japanese ( I.E. Heavy Gear), I do not fault the authors for this as I believe they are merely paying homage to these fantastic visual.

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