Friday, September 22, 2006


Yep…that’s right, I watched the movie on demand last night….and I have been regretting it ever since. Man oh man I think it was 10 minutes into the movie I started thinking “ This damn boat can’t sink fast enough for my liking” I hated everybody. First, besides the people in the ball room and 4 people in the disco, the entire population of this huge ship seems to have been wiped out. Ug then there was the cast, Kurt Russell ( who normally gets a pass because of BtiLC) obviously collecting a pay check, then the Hard guy, who guys from a card playing tough guy to crying his eyes out Pansy (no offense to pansies) in a period of minutes. Then there is the daughter and the her fiancé stinking up the screen like a lump of rotten cheese. The woman and her son, I would like to tell you there story, break your heart with the reason why she was on the boat, or even why she was at the captains table…but I can’t….I DON’T KNOW, we were never told, Just POP! “Here are to new characters, bon appetite!”. Then there was Richard Dryfus ( Heck lets call him Sir Richard Dryfus, if he was English he would be one of those underpaid ultra actors knighted by the queen) well, I think he was Gay, I think he invited some guys on the boat or something, I think he may have been upset…But then again I can’t tell you for sure because we weren’t told. There were some neat death scenes, but besides that it was a stinker. They should have had the Sci Fi channel make it, they would have spiced it up with Giant Mutant Bunnies or something, or giant Mutant Bunnies and a Volcano.

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