Sunday, February 27, 2011

Downfall... Not a happy film, but a darn good one

I just finished watching the movie “Downfall” for the second time. A powerful movie that trys to show the audience what the last moments of theThird Reich were like. I can not recommend this movie enough ...but be warned, it is not a happy movie.

What makes this movie so powerful to me are two books that I have read several times, “Soldering” by Siegfried Knappe and “The Last Battle” by Cornelius Ryan.

Siegfried Knappe’s book is a biography of his war years, very interesting, as he seems to attract shrapnel everywhere he went ( I think he was wounded three times). How the book intertwines with the movie is... Knappe was General Weidling’s ( Who Command the defense of Berlin) Chief of staff. That portion of the book is amazing, describing how Knappe and Weidling would have to run through the rubble of Berlin to attend meetings with Hitler and above all illustrated the almost Palpable curtain that existed between the realty of the Battle in the streets and the Illusionary world of the Bunker. Knappe was captured by the Russians and held for some years before he moved to the Untied States.

“The Last Battle” By Ryan, one of my Favorite authors, a man that in my opinion wrote three of

the best and easiest to read books on WWII ( “The Longest Day” and “A Bridge To Far” were the other two) is a amazing work, not only covering the Battle of Berlin itself but the run up , The decision of Eisenhower not to go after Berlin because it had no Military importance and Stalin’s game of assigning not one, but two commanders to attack Berlin and pitting them against each other. The sheer weight of

the soviet forces, the numbers and equipment, astounds you as you read about Division’s of artillery hammering German lines. The price the soviets are willing to pay to take the city amazes you as they take their vengeance on Germany. Ryan’s books are’nt thin, but they are so captivating that they seem shorter then they are.

Still watching Downfall, all the madness of the bunker (Weidling himself was ordered to be shot at one point), The one moment that always gets me is the death of the Goebbels Children... I pray for someone to prevent it each time I see it... how could they.

If your a history nerd, and haven't seen “Downfall”, do so, its has high production value and magnificent performances that, even though it is in german, have you sitting on the edge of your seat.


Peter said...

I read Knappe's "Soldat" right after reading Guy Sajer's "The Forgotten Soldier" it was an interesting perspective to see the difference between the experiences of Knappe, a high bred officer and Sajer a private in the Grossdeutschland division on the Russian front.
I've been meaning to get a copy of Downfall. Maybe today.

weasel2000 said...

I have also enjoyed Ryan's books...and an indicator of how readable his books are is that two of them have been made into movies. I enjoyed the Last Battle and have not yet read Soldat...

Downfall seems very interesting, i would watch it and I think it is on the netflix but not an interest for my wife so it may have to wait a bit...