Monday, October 02, 2006

The News…

In the days of yore, we used to read the newspaper, or switch on a radio or TV to catch the news, now we read the news on the internet. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but I have railed about “Online News” before and now I am going to do it again. All last week I had to look and a picture of a guy popping his eyes out on my home page, now Its some freak with long fingernails ( No offense to freaks out there). For the love of Pete, it confirms all my beliefs that the news is a circus, complete with freak show to draw ya in. Forgive me if I care more about our underreported deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan…Yes we still have troops there. Its like every news agency is trying to be a slightly more legitimate National inquirer. Here’s a Idea Yahoo, instead of Long Finger nail lady on your front page, how about the face of the latest soldier to die in the war. I guess Comcast is slightly better as it flashes through a series of eye catching trash….but not to worry, Anna Nicole smith seems to have herself a permanent update box. YARRRRR!

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