Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Post Apocalypse, Tonight on TV….

Well its Wednesday and time for the next episode of Jericho, Time to find out what happens on Day 3 of the Post Apocalypse. By the way….when exactly is the switch over, when does it officially go from being the apocalypse to being the Post Apocalypse?? Is there a scientific formula to figure this out? I have other questions about the Post Apocalypse….

1. How many days off from work do I get for the Apocalypse, is it sick time or does it count as a Holiday? What is the code I have to use in Time tracker?
2. how many days into the P-poc (< my hip new term for the Post apocalypse) do I have to wait before I can get a Mohawk and weld spikes to my car?
3. Do I automatically begin stories with “ In the days before the great flame…”
4. Do I have to register to elect the local Warlord? How does that work? Are we still going to adhere to the electoral college thing?
5. Can I pick my own cool P-poc handle….if so “Cap’um Killah” is so taken baby!!
6. Is there a building code for Thunderdomes? Can I use PVC piping or does it have to be metal? “Two men enter….One man leaves”!!!
7. how long before we can use the expression “ picking the bones of the ancient’s” to describe scavenging.
8. On scavenging… That’s Tax free right?? I don’t have to declare that at the end of the year do I?
9. Does adding spikes, roll bars and slave chains to my Jeep Cherokee mean I have to pay less or more for insurance?
10. How long are those “ The End times Cometh” guys allowed to play the “I told you so” card before I can take legal recourse? ( If said recourse is the utilization of my made to code thunderdome…SO BE IT!!)

And Finally, probably the question that will be asked most by superficial society, Can I pick my own mutation? Will my HMO cover any of that?

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