Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Week on Heroes…

Wow, the show is still delivering the goods. Ok The Cheerleader, her creepy dad dropped her off for a prep rally, the Local football hero tries to have his way with her and she falls on a branch that impales her head… we think she is dead… until the cornier removes the branch ( can you say EWWWWWWW). The Cop who hears voices, proves he is innocent and is asked to help the FBI investigate, while on the way down to talk to the little girl he saved last week they discover the villain has dropped by, they thwart his kidnapping attempt, the cop saves the female detective by triple tapping the bad guy… not to worry, the guy pops back up and disappears. The flying brothers, the younger brother desperately wants to embrace his gift but can not, the older denies it and tries to hide it, my feeling is they can only fly when they are together but we will see. HIRO, by far my favorite plot line, the Japanese man who can control time ( sort of ) convinces his friend of his powers and they set off to the U.S. to save us all. I love the way this character has whole heartily embraced his gift, the humor of the situation and the seriousness of their quest. Artist Guy, poor artist guy, whats he have to do to be believed, for the love of Mike this guy has painted buses exploding and all matter of events that come to happen and his girl friend is all “ It’s the dope” Would someone PLEASE believe the poor artist guy!! Indian guy found the apartment of the chap he thinks killed his father ( also the psycho-super-killer the FBI is hunting and the cheerleaders pop) The apartment has the tell tale hidden room with interior by “Psycho’s –R- Us” but is swept clean by the time he can bring the police. Las Vegas Mom with the real dark ( talking real real dark) side, she buries the bodies and at the end of the episode is taken by a cop to meet the guy who sent the killers from episode one… me thinks the desert will soon have more holes. The bad guy may have a friend… super villain II… A bald guy who I think knocked out the cop-mind-reader.

Good stuff

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