Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Huzzah for Heroes…

OK, it’s the best show on Network television. It also seems as though they read my blog from last week and cut down on some of the commercials, however there still seems to be a lot of them ( Ok ok I know they don’t read this blog, no one does, but hey a guy can dream).
Future Hiro delivers his message to the Mymic who returns to the Artists studio. Hiro and Ando are dropped off in the desert and have a argument, Ando leaves. While he waits to order waffles, Hiro sees The Eagle land outside, The Eagle has escaped Skyler ( in a really cool flight scene), and ends up giving him a ride to Las Vegas. Miror Image’s husband escapes the police and is back in town, he has powers to. Miracle Girls father brain wipes the quarterback and she tells dad some of what has been going on. The cop returns home, everything seems to be going well as he uses his powers to please his wife however, maybe because he is tired, the thoughts of others overwhelm him while he is in a store. The Mimic uses his powers to finish a painting by the artist that shows the dead cheerleader. Hiro, the artist and Daniel now know they must save her. GREAT SHOW!!!

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