Thursday, October 05, 2006


Strange tidings last night on Jericho. First Jake didn’t kill anyone, surely a sign of the Apocalypse…oh wait, maybe that was the mushroom clouds, anyway… Secondly, Mr. Hawkins apparently is more then he seems, he climbs into a Rad Suit and goes to a storage bin to grab a mysterious oil drum that he entombs in his basement, He also has crates of weapons in his Storage Bin. The Clockwork theory, one of them at least, He was in on the Nuke plot, he was supposed to plant a Nuke some where and decided against it. The other issue, Jakes friend spends 20 minutes in the rain and is ok, Jakes brother’s Geiger counter barely clicks as they emerge from the shelter. The TV in the Bar picks up a broadcast from China showing a map of the United States, the mayors mysterious illness, Tanks seen on the way to Denver, Downed planes 50 miles outside of the town on the road.
The mystery that is Jake… OK, here we go, he can give a little girl a Tracheotomy, Position and blow explosives, shoot and kill without guilt and oddest of all, he knows how to locate the flight recorder on a airliner and also knows what is needed to listen to it. He did say he had to be back to San Diego in the first episode and there is a Navy Base there…Perhaps he is a SEAL, we will see.

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