Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well I didn’t get a chance to watch Jericho so no update this week. We found out on Monday that we are having a boy, everything looked fine. We have started talking about names, My son suggested Peanut Butter and oddly, the good NASCAR name of Jimmy Brian, My wife didn’t like the name Tucker although Collin was liked by all. We’ll go at it a little more and see what we come up with.
Last Weekend I attended a WWI event, The Somme, It was a emersion event, that means we lived in the trenches for 24 hours straight. Heck it even rained for us and was cold as heck. They really went out of there way for the full experience, they feed us in the line, had a mail call and a Rum ration. Doing a event like this every now and then helps you realize what they went through, If its hard for us after 24 hours imagine what it was like for them doing it for real.

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