Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Hospital……

If there is one thing I understand in the world and truly sympathize with, that’s a Hospitals ER. You could say I’ve been raised in them…because I have…My mother has been a Emergency room nurse all her life so I do understand.

I got into the ER around 5:30, I felt bad about having to have guys push me in on a stretcher, but hey…they said it makes them look good. They took down some basic info then they sent me on the Fast Track room. I waited in the hallway outside the fast track room a couple of hours, then I was allowed to enter.
The first question was “ Have you been X-rayed?” my response was “ Why no I haven’t” then that fellow disappeared. About a hour latter a girl popped in and ask “ Have you been to X-ray??” I replied “Why no I haven’t” and she vanished. 15 minutes latter a different woman appeared….attempting to anticipate the question I asked “ Are you going to ask me if I have been to X-ray?”, the Woman’s face went blank as she answered “ No…I am going to take you to X-ray” So off we went.
X-ray was fun, I got to stand in a room full of super huge radiation machines and chat with the X-ray staff, who upon hearing what had happened to my finger, exclaimed “ Shut Up!!!” I thought that was hysterical. After my time there I was sent back to my little curtained room.
The very first fellow I had meet came back in….Announced a bunch of nothing conclusive and said he sew up my finger ( Keep in mind my left arm had been totally forgotten about). The suturing went alright and when complete he vanished….apparently nurses would handle the bandaging. I waited forever but then the two nurses came in. I became a complex puzzle for them as they tried to figure out what splint to use but finally I was splinted and ready to go.
At this point I was no longer concerned about my left arm and the objects that could be in it so I took the given chance to escape. After I filled out my paperwork….I wonder out into the night air….and freedom.

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