Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Labor Day Weekend….

Well, I guess the obvious thing is that Tuesday is Monday this week…or it remains Tuesday but acts as a defacto Monday…sort of a sad little excuse for a Monday but on this and several other occasions it must sit in as Monday. Sort of like Chaney when Bush goes in to get a Colonoscopy.
Over the Weekend I help out my friend with his Larp, Doc Savage, which is cool because I love the Pulp Genre. I had a good time, there were some things that needed some work, but it didn’t inhibit my fun at all, and my fun is what matters ( Me, me, me, me).
It was a relaxing weekend with great weather, We went up to the park and I rode bikes with my son…Kathy and Owen came along as well. All in all in was a good weekend.

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