Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Trip to the ER

Well....It all started like this, I was on my way home, I usaly go through a park on my way to pick up my youngest son ( I like the chance to relax)...well the one park roads was closed so I turned down a road that I know rather well. I was going about 35 mph through a S turn when my cars rear went out, when I recovered I was heading into the left lane at a on coming car, I pulled hard Right and Flipped my Jeep right up on its side. I did manage ( to my great relief) to miss the other car. My driver side window shattered and that where I got the left arm cuts, I had put down my arm to stop my head from going down. My finger was injured getting out of the Jeep ( By far the funniest story...I'll have to tell in person).

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