Monday, September 24, 2007

The Weekend…..

Well, we may actually be returning to some level of Normal. We had Soccer on Saturday, Kevin and I went in to Bilbo’s Birthday party ( BTW Kevin won a door prize :o) and I went out and saw a movie with Kyle.

We went and saw Resident Evil: Extinction. First off, if your looking for frick’n hamlet you obviously need your head examined for going to this film…However…If your looking for a fun Zombie film, then this one fits the bill. At one point, when Milla discovered all the Milla clones, I couldn’t help but think… “my god this could be the perfect movie…Milla kissing Milla” but Alias it didn’t happen…That’s what sequels are for. See this film and have a fun time.

On Sunday I drove around and took a couple of shots of my Truck, Owen was over Mom-Mom S’s and Kevin and Kathy were at the Children’s mass so I treated my self tp breakfast and a drive. I thought my CD player and Stereo were messed up ( and they were) when I went to put my first CD in, It reset all my stations and I kept getting “Mech Error” but it corrected itself ( still had to reset my stations) latter when I got home…it ejected the disk and pulled it back in and everything seems to be OK now.

Also…Found out that the “Flames of War” main warehouse is just around the corner from me literlly…wow! “FOW” is a WWII rules set for 15mm Miniatures.

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