Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Trouble.... Big fun

In the last post I talked about the movie “The Fifth Element”, in one of the responses, Aravan, mentioned the movie “Big Trouble in Little China”.... to me both movies share some of the same qualities and then some. BTLC is another movie that its hard to find haters of and a gem that the Clockwinder will watch time and time again.

Made in 1986 and starring Kurt Russell as the hero Jack Burton, the movie is a zany mix of Kung-fu, action and super-natural thriller that is sprinkled generously with clever comedy that works on a incredible level.

One of the things I love is the fact that the hero often thinks he is more of a hero then he actually is... He isnt the best fighter, he isnt the cleverest but he sure as hell has cornered the market on Heroic Attitude. From the movies opening lines to the credits he delivers cock sure quips and monologs even though he is usually wrong and often is bested.... But you love him. He has a hero’s heart... even though sometimes other attributes may be found lacking.

The Story centers around David Lo Pan ( who is actually a ancient cursed 2000 year old chinese mystic) and his search for a Green eyed girl to lift his curse. Toss into this The street gangs the evil Wing Kong and the Chang Sing along with the “Three Stoms” your in for a treat.

Its the dialog that is the real gem in this movie, at times it seems that every line russell delivers will be quoted by geekdom for eternity. One of his lines is “ Everybody relax, I’m Here” is a example of the unwarranted cocksurness that is Jack Burton. I have to say, the master piece of dialog in this movie is when Jack comes face to face with Lo Pan and cliche villain monologging meets Jack Burton’s not so inner voice, where he calls the villian “Dave” and asked him “Are you Crazy... Is that your problem?”.

This movie is Kurt Russell, one of his greatest performances and I like him as a actor. If you have never seen this movie... Stop everything... Stop Breathing until you see this this film. You will find your self quoting Jack Burton for months and remember one thing....” The check is in the mail”.

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