Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Super Bowl Victory....

Yes, I like the Packers and Yes.... Yes they won, but that is not my super bowl victory. My Victory came in the form of of a 30 second spot during the 2nd quarter.

Yes it was the first Trailer for the up coming movie “Captain America: The First Avenger”. Its no surprise to those who know me that I am a big Captain America fan. I have been waiting for some footage from this movie since they first announced it. The stills have been great, I have loved what they did with Cap’s costume and Chris Evans I think, has really stepped up and looks the part.

The Trailer was ... IMO... Fantastic, It showed Cap as a scrawny teenager, then him as a scrawny soldier ( I believe in the original books he was actually 4F and unable to enlist but thats ok). They show him receive the Super Soldier Serum and BAM!! Buff Chris Evans.

Another thing I noticed (In fact like a good geek I ran home to my computer and frame by framed it) Were Members of the Howling Commandos in some scenes... the Derby Wearing “Dum-Dum” Dugan and someone who appears to be “Pinky” Pinkerton ( The Beret wearing limey) can be seen as well as what appears to be a oriental fellow??

Now I am still very upset that Samuel L Jackson is Nick Fury, that still bugs me... but the addition of these characters is nothing but more icing on a already iced cake. The Red Skull looks good as well and Hydra is in evidence through out the clip.

And the Shield...oh yes, they even showed the shield, both in it painted and unpainted form. I probably would have like a more dramatic reveal of the the shield... but I am happy with what they showed.

Someone did mention that there weren't going to be Nazi’s and just Hydra... and that would bother me. Why bother to show Cap in his original setting if you weren’t going to have him go toe to toe with those goose stepping bums, But we’ll have to see.

You may have enjoyed your car commercials... your Soda can Slinging, cell phone hawking dorito selling spots, hell you may have even enjoyed the game.... but for me, the victory was seeing that first Trailer for Captain America.

The link to the trailer is

Note: In the picture above, that is supposedly Bucky standing to Caps right (our right).


Anonymous said...

I loved it as well - and good eye on the Howling Commandos - I missed it the first time through. This trailer and the Thor trailer made me a happy nerd all night. I even got to geek out during the scene where Rogers is being put into the chamber. Every was talking about the Super Soldier Serum, but I chimed in that the Serum, though credited, would eventually render the recipient insane, unless he'd gone through the Vita-Ray treatment as well. You know its a good geek moment when John Corradin calls you a nerd.

Clockmaker said...

Good call .... you are the Kwisatz Haderach!