Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Vampires.... Meh!

I was trying to figure out why I have never gotten into the whole Vampire craze. From the White Wolf game to the insanely popular novels I have always been sort of “Meh” over these lusty walking dead ticks.

I did love the first two “Underworld” movies and I will point out that Kate Beckensale as Selene is welcome in my escape pod any day, but I have never been flat out crazy about most anything else that relates to them.

I did watch that show on HBO “True Blood” and did find it entertaining but still it would be something I would miss if anything else was on. God did I hate Twilight with its disco ball Vamps and “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” by Coppola sucked.

Here is the thing, I actually liked Bram Stoker’s Book, I read it on a whim back in my Arcade days and thought it was great. Dracula in the book, was almost a background character, and the chase and fight at the end was a thrill. So why do I hate all other Vampire fiction? I hardly a purest, I don’t belong to the Stokerites or the like... why?

The best I can figure out is that, to me, Vampires equate to evil, Tales of victorious vampire hunters may appeal to me more then the angst ridden blood suckers whining about how horrible their lives are or how sad it is they can’t love a mortal blah blah blah ( sit out and watch the sun rise if your cursed life sucks so bad).

I know... I probably dont grasp all the subtle nuances of the genre, but I always get annoyed that there are so man Vampfic books and shows about Vampires out there. I will say, as long as Kate B squeezes into that black outfit though.... I won’t say its entirely without its merits.


aravan said...

I love vampires - when done right. The True Bloods and Twilights and angsty vampire nonsense really bug me as well. It's those movies and books I can't stand. I too love Stoker's book, since Dracula is, like you say, almost in the background, happening to the characters like the weather or natural disaster. The worst campaign I ever played in my life was a Vampire game. However, the best campaign I've ever played in was also a Vampire game. If the whole romance and angst angle is missing, I tend to love them. John Carpenter's Vampires was hardly a great movie, but I freaking love it enough that I watched the sequel with Bon Jovi. (Don't do that, by the way).

Wren can be found in said...

Robin McKinley's Sunshine. Best against-the-norm vampire (he has skin the color of mushrooms left too long in the back of the fridge) story out there.

And Patricia Brigg's vampire in her Mercy Thompson series drives a replica of Scooby Doo's van.