Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Heroes.....

I was trying to think of a name for a Super Hero, one that hasnt been used. You may think that its a easy thing... but with over 70 years of pop culture the well has been getting a bit low.

Back in our “Champions” days I had Kid Rocket and Ambush... and I wouldn't be surprised if they had both been used by now. I remember Manta Man, Cerberus, Shadow Warrior (who was a Ninja...go figure) and Chiron ( Also Tron and Bladerunner... but those were the least original and I was responsible for one) from our old game. We would spend hours trying to think of names.

I was thinking “The Rebel”, yes I know it carries a certain Redneck quality but it also means someone who stands apart from the crowd who won’t just bow his head and go with the herd. I’m not sure if the name has been used but a a quick google didnt show anything.

The Rebel would be a man with no memory, he would now how to do things but have no memory of ever learning them... He is not a Amnesiac per say... but everything prior to him waking up in a Lab simply does not exist in his brain.

His powers would be the result of Genetic Manipulation and not “Mutant”, the result of a experiment. All other test subjects were either A. horribly disfigured or B. driven stark raving bonkers by the process. The Rebel is the soul survivor ( out of 237), who was ordered “Disposed of” but was saved by a Dr. who recognized a difference in his readouts. for 10 years, the tube containing The Rebel sat humming away on a island off the coast of New York while what or who ever he was before, transformed into The Rebel.

or something like that...

I wish we still played champions every now and then, I miss the banter between the “Blast Them” Heroes and the “ We have to take them in alive” Heroes. Those were fun times, fueled by Frito’s and Jalopano cheese dip. My god did we use to roll some dice in that game.

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Anonymous said...

The only superhero game I ever played was Marvel Super Heroes, so I've always been kind of curious how Champions worked. I love running and playing superhero games, but never actually bought or even cracked open a Champions book. Now I'm curious.

Faster Pussycat might be my favorite-named NPC from my last game. Humorously enough, American Legion is very similar in background to The Rebel, except the people in his experiment group all had their minds melded together into one gestalt entity. My god... could it be the same nefarious shadowy organization behind it all?!?!