Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ivan Rietman's Heavy Metal

I was thinking of the Movie “Heavy Metal” tonight. I can’t believe it was released way back in 1981. For a animated movie it had some really great segments.

I think my favorites were “Harry Canyon”, The Taxi driver segment, “Den”, about the geek teleported to a far off planet where he is a huge warrior and of course “Taarna”, the warrior woman who battles against the odds as hordes of Locknar infected beings try to stop her.

1981, I remember going to see it in the theatre, all of 15 years old. Ralph Bakshi had released some adult oriented animated features (thank god for the State theatre... where i saw them) but nothing like Heavy metal. It was probably the first animated film I saw with gore and nudity.

It was a Teens dream, rock-n-roll, violence and Nudity... it seemed fashioned for the 16 to 22 year old market. The Segment “Den” really talked to me, who didnt want to be the Mighty Warrior, who didn't want to have the Hawt women at his feet while he hacked and shot his way to victory.

I think the b-17 segment was the one I disliked the most... I didn't hate it, but for some reason It didn't do anything for me. All the others were the funny ones, many we still quote today (“Steerrrrnnnn”).

“Heavy Metal” was a testosterone and adrenaline powered ride wrapped in surprising animation styles. It was my introduction to Heavy Metal Magazine and to some artists like Corben and Moebius. I still enjoy watching Heavy Metal now and then, yes, with my introduction to Anime, some of the animation has lost its luster... but its still a fun movie to watch.


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome movie, that still holds up pretty well in my opinion. Unlike you, I love the bomber sequence. And the Stern sequence was frickin' awesome - I love the Normalman comic, done by the same artist and absolutely hilarious. Just a great, great movie.

mirwyn said...

The movie, to me, is just awesome. I can't even think of a segment I don't like honestly.