Monday, January 31, 2011

Ok enough!!!.... Im old enough to decide for my self

I was noticing, since we are in the midst of award season, that the TVs and internets seem to be buzzing with women and not so macho guys trying to tell me who is attractive and who isnt and why.

First... I am old enough to decide for my self and I certainly don’t need all the Mr Blackwell wannabes telling me why they look ridicules. I find it odd thats its usually women telling me that such and such has gained weight, or so and so looks horrible in the blue floral print or better yet.... a guy who obviously looks like he isnt troll’n for a hawt starlet to date.

Second.... Im sorry, all the men I know like women to have curves, this obsession with emaciated starlets is not my fault. I much prefer curvy “Career Opportunities” Jennifer Connely over thinner blood diamond ( or god forbid... the forgotten hulk) Jen. I find it crazy when stalker photographers follow starlets to the beach and snap some photo’s then print then on Yahoo or Comcast home pages with captions “ Jennifer Love Hewitt puts on weight” or something like that.... the whole time I look at the picture and think “She looks good”

I remember reading that its mens ideal of a woman that drives young women to anorexia or bulemia.... they want to conform to that ideal so bad. I honestly don’t think its us, Men don’t (for the most part) produce and edit the great woman’s fashion magazines... and we sure as hell don’t read them.We don’t watch Extreme Makeover or top model... at least I dont. Must of the guys I know like the 40’s pin-up look over the Vogue cover look any day.

It just drives me crazy, every year Im being told why these people are ugly or fat like I don’t have the sense to figure it out my self.


aravan said...

I couldn't agree more. I've never understood why the fashion industry - an industry dominated by women and homosexual men - and its obsession with pushing models who are built like hangers or twelve-year-old boys has turned into the "what men want" argument. You make an excellent point with the Star Watcher crowd and the shows obsessed with who has put on weight - their demographics aren't the standard male. But, we'll still get the blame for it somehow.

Bobbie Berendson said...

I had to share this on facebook. Thanks for writing it.