Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hmmmmmmmm........ The battle against the blatantly obvious

Ok... so there I was watching a movie on Netflix... yes, it was a bad movie, however... and the heroes were trying to figure out who the bad guy was... now in the group there were several contenders, but only one with black clothing and a black cloak. The whole time I’m thinking “Neh, it can’t be him... to obvious” so despite the Evil glares and barely concealed sinister smirks I continued to believe It couldnt be.... It was.

After I regained consciousness ( Apparently you can only bang your head against a table so many before you go unconscious) I began to realize that books and films are just jammed packed full of guys that wear their evil on their sleeve.... ok, if your Darth Vader you get a pass, but if your like wormtongue....shouldn't you at least seem to be a ok guy before they make you the kings advisor. Shouldnt you really suspect something when the cat has his hair greased back, a super severe widows peak and giggles when babies cry ? Maybe this guy isnt really the best choice for Lord Chancellor

Of course their is the the Ying to this black and sinister Yang, thats the guy that is so unbelievably good that he has to be the bad guy....and is. Seldom used but none the less a let down when the heroes life long friend turns out to be in cahoots with the ....wait for.... Black cloak wearing bad guy.

I am trying to remember the last time I was truly surprised at a “reveal”... when the curtain is pulled back to expose the worm crawling, festering sore of Evil’s plan... and I can’t remember one.

will this stop me from reading books and movies....hell no.

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