Friday, November 11, 2011

Luminous beings are we.....

As stated before...I am, since 1977, a huge colossal star wars geek/fanboy/nerd, however I am sorry to say that the movies that shall not be mentioned did take some of the fuel from the fire.

At the end of October I picked up “Star Wars Force Unleashed II”, Though as stated in a earlier post, I did have some issues with the game play and the shortness of the game, the story was truly pickled in 100% pure Awesome. From the beginning scene training with Vader to the appearance of Slave I at the end, it was worth every penny I had spent on it. I had paid more for a movie and hadn't been so well entertained.

I also noted that the game did have the added effect of rekindling my Fantonic flames. I soon found myself in possession on the blurays of the true films and watching within the confines of a single weekend.

I find myself leafing through my collection of Star Wars Art books.... One was given to me as a gift on my 18th Birthday by a friend and the others predate that... that hadnt been opened in a very very long time.

I want to play more Star Wars games, Im sad they haven't updated “Xwing” for the 21st century world.... and I am counting the days until the “Old Republic” release.

My kids help to, Kevin and I play Lego Star Wars III on the ps3 and My youngest Owen, actually asked me tonight to finish Unleashed, he liked to sit and watch, like he was watching a movie.

Its like me and a old friend who had a falling out have made up, I can’t wait to see what trouble we get into in the future.

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