Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories....... I think.

When I think on Thanksgivings past…. I am always reminded of
2nd grade, back at Medill Elementary school.

We were putting on a Thanksgiving play and I had the pivotal
role of Myles Standish, The dark a brooding soldier who was fleeing a life time of troubled memories and seeking redemption in the “New World” ( At least thats what I was bringing to the role…. As the teacher staunchly refused to give me satisfactory motivation).

I have to say, for me the high point, the Climax of the
whole play, was the Ad-libbed Fight scene during the Thanksgiving feast. Done entirely in Slow Motion, Me with my sword gripped in my teeth and a Blazing Wheel Lock pistol in each hand… Charged arms akimbo… into the Mass of Nazi’s
that had descended on Plymouth via their alien Time-machine.

At one point in the battle, after killing 2 SS gruppenfuhers with a ham, I seemingly fired a pistol straight into the air for no reason….that was until the final fight between me and Hitler. It looked like I was finished…he had me on the ground, staring into the barrel of his luger when I say….

Standish “ Know what I’m Thankful for….”

Hitler :::: with fiendish glee:::: “Nien….Vhat?”

Standish :::with a smile:::: “Gravity you son of a Bitch”

As the bullet fired earlier came crashing down through the
top of his head….oh how the Indians and Pilgrims cheered me.

Well…. At least that’s how I am remembering it now…. It was
a long time ago.


jb said...

You have a strange and wonderful mind, my friend. For that I am thankful.

Anonymous said...

How the play should have gone is at least 10,000 times better than the original, I'm sure. Kids' plays need more Nazi antagonists.