Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Is Ben Stein right?

Ben Stein.... yes the Guy from Farris Bueller.... was on some morning program today playing in the Cafeteria at work (When you work for “Cable Town” they have tv’s everywhere) and he began talking about how unemployed americans think they are to good for lower paying jobs.

I was sort of in this boat, lost a well paying job, then was unemployed for...basically...ever then took a big ol bite of humble pie and took a lower paying job. It could be much much worse and I truly thank the lord every day for what we have, but it is a lot lower on the ladder.

Is Ben right, are the majority of unemployed Americans simply thumbing their noses at what job opportunities there are out there.... Maybe.

But there is .... in a clockwork opinion .... a tails to this heads, could it be that we expected more jobs in the fields we left to open up eventually. I never thought that finding work would be as hard as it was... I should have started looking as soon as I was let go instead of taking time off but that is water under the bridge. The fact of the matter is I never truly expected the economy to go this wrong for this long.

Businesses do not hire people who are not employed... or more correctly, you are more likely to find work if you are employed then if you are unemployed. I didnt know that then but know it now. I have learned the hard way that the Economy truly truly sucks...for some people.

Is life fair...rarely... did I expect it to be, no, but you know what...It could be worse. I have 2 Children and a great wife that just thinking of make me smile, fantastic friends and .... for better or worse... a job. If I have any words of wisdom for my Brothers in the trenches... its take what you can get, its easier to climb the ladder when your at least standing on it.... even if its the bottom wrung.

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mirwyn said...

It is an odd thing but I think you are right on many levels. As a matter of fact Alan & I were talking about this very subject last night. I think my first bite of humble pie would taste bitter and slightly rancid. I think coming around to the realization things may be worse than I thought would be tough too. I do find it strange that some of the people I know with jobs find new jobs quickly then others can't find a new job to save their lives. It is a very strange time out their in the job market. I agree with you 100% though, it is easier to climb the ladder if you're on one than to find one that you can jump on to at the same level.