Monday, November 15, 2010

Bloodbinder’s Clockwork Monkeys

Thats right... sinister evil clockwork monkeys, their little brass paws scampering across the marble floors of the British Museum, the metallic clicks echo throughout its vaulted halls.

Creations of the nefarious Baron Bloodbinder who gleaned what he could from a few pages of the Tinkranomicon that he recovered from the lost city of Ramathu in the vast wastes of the Sahara.

30 of these Simian soldiers were said to be constructed in early 1882, rumor states that each required the death of one of his valued henchmen. Amazingly dexterous and sinisterly cruel, these creatures have carried out the Barons bidding all over europe. Though they have been vanquished many times, only one has been destroyed and that was by Bull McCrandles Pneumatic Bolt Blaster during the great Huxley train robbery in 87.

Each stands around 2 1/2 feet tall, constructed almost entirely of brass. Their huge Jaws have been known to bite through lighter armors, their retractable claws are as sharp as scalpels and can be retracted into their Paws. Each Monkey is a indivdual work of Evil Tinkromancy, no 2 parts are interchangeable, each monkey seems to have a set and individual personality, but all are loyal to the Baron.

Dr. Fulton Smyth-Cruthiers has stated that he believes that heat could be used to combat the creatures. He notes that the flame would have to be intensely hot to melt their brass workings but any flame seems to cause them to recoil in fear.

Before their attempt to steal the Rosetta Stone from the British Museum, The last reported sighting of the Sinister Simians was along the the border of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg where 15 of the Clockwork Chimps abducted Princess Katarina Von Scholler.

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