Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tonight's "Walking Dead"

**** Spoiler ****

So here is the setup, your handcuffed to a roof in zombie infested Atlanta. Your handcuffs are attached to a 1/2 bar that is being used to hold some pipes together on the roof. You have managed to get a you

A. Saw through the 1/2 bar, if need be in two places to remove a section of the bar thus freeing your self.


B. Saw your Frickin Hand off,

My boy chose B....WTF?

1 comment:

Alien Zookeeper said...

He's delirious... but where the hell did he go?

And it happened long enough ago that the zombies that lurched all the way up to try to get through the door went away...

Zombies in TWD work in mysterious ways. There is at least some function, tool-using, or is that just what the living person liked to do, smash things?