Friday, November 26, 2010

“It's people. Stormtroopers are made out of people”

I am watching ANH and combined with knowledge I have failed to block out from those movies that shall not be mentioned, I have determined that Stormtroopers are’nt clones.

First of all, that lack the Space Zealand accent, just Space American Accents. 2nd, they are distinctly less stupid, they lack the CGIness of the Clone trooper, or the strange unbendiness of the animated brethren. Stormtroopers eat and sleep cool, these guys are killah’s heart and soul, after all they are veterans of the battle of Blockade Runner and the Pivotal “ Lar’s Homestead Campaign” where they defeated the evil Jawa Lord Pootini and some how incinerated the crime family of Lars (still trying to figure out what they used on them). These are the guys that can't grasp that the "Droids they are looking for" may be behind a locked door or that they should maybe question the guy the Mos Eisley Light Saber killer was talking to. But lets face it, if you were to lock them and clonetroopers in a Thunderdome style cool battle... Stormtroopers would come walking out the hands down victor.

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aravan said...

I have to agree. I was never comfortable with the stupid idea that every stromtrooper was a clone. They have an entire galaxy of surely-unemployed people, which has to be cheaper to hire than an expensive cloning program. I think the clones got ditched shortly after the Emperor took power.