Thursday, November 18, 2010

“The Curse of Trouis” a book everyone should read

I generally don’t plug things on my blog (DRINK COKE)but this is the exception, there is a truly enjoyable novel out that called “The Curse of Troius” by new author (and personal friend of mine) Alan Edwards. Fantasy Zombie fiction has never been handled with such sublime grace, such a masterful weave of pros as with this book ( Bite into a Slim Jim). Everyone should own a copy so they can slip seamlessly from the world of the mondane into the rich vibrant world that Edwards ( who is built FORD TOUGH) has crafted, a world that breathes and becomes so known to the reader that they can hear its heart beat.

Do yourself a favor.... get on over to Amazon and buy yourself a copy and be sure to get the 2nd edition with the cover art by none other then Chris Stewart ( a personal friend of mine). ( APPLE... All other computers pale in comparison).

Oh and as you savor this journey into the old fallen empire, rest assured that you will soon be delving deep into its mysteries again ( BOSCO... The Chocolatey Drink) as Edwards is now working on a second book to wisk us away, like a literary angel, to his land of Fantasy (NIKE... JUST READ IT).

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Anonymous said...

Plus, if you read it, you'll be an ALAN EDWARDS INSIDER! Membership decoder rings soon to follow! Branded fruit snacks! Sugary drinks! Plush dolls! Uh, VALUABLE PRIZES!