Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post Traumatic Firefly Syndrome

Tonight, while the kids were watching their shows, I decided to watch a Firefly episode. “Ariel”. I’m sure everyone has seen it, but the climatic show down between Jane and Mal at the Airlock is intense... and the fact that its eluded back to in several future episodes makes all that more important.... but as I watched it, I realized that it made me sad, I’m sure every other fan of the show has had these moments, the moment when it dawns on you that there will never be another episode, sad that a show that was so well written and executed gets dumped but countless worse shows still clog the airwaves.

I’m not alone in this I am sure, but I can’t help wishing things were different.


Alien Zookeeper said...
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Alien Zookeeper said...

I'm right with you, even when I'm burned out on Firefly, something will make me think of Kaylee, or Jayne, or that big damn dirty rusty deathtrap-I miss my crew!

Gonna go home and watch the 3rd DVD tonight.

aravan said...

I honestly haven't been able to bring myself to watch them again since the first marathon session. I get a feeling of nearly overwhelming melancholy when I think of the show - I am hard to please from a science fiction standpoint, and that show was nearly perfect to me. Why can't an uberfan win the lottery and bring the damn thing back already?