Saturday, November 20, 2010

Riffing on Star Trek TOS

For a while now, some friends and I get together and watch episodes of the Original series of “Star Trek” and Riff the heck out of them. I have almost passed out I have been laughing so hard. Like when McCoy scans kirk the sound of the scanner is “AwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesome” or the Golden Midgets from Journey to Babel. Tonight we watched 4 episodes and one of the things we noticed was Kirks need to share the impending doom of the ship with every man woman and being onboard. The thought of all the Panicking janitors, botanists and Geologists sealing themselves in the Recreation room drowning their sorrows of impending doom with replicated Sundays while a guy plays “Closer my god to thee” on the Volcan lute, just tickled us to no end. The other thing that cracks us up are the random changes to crew in the Navigator and Helm positions, in squire of Gathos, Sulo (“Oh My”) was replaced by a ensign who had to be 60 years old.

Space Coffee, we noticed tonight that in every episode the crew seemed to consume a enormous amount of Coffee. And Stimulants... McCoy was a pusher extreme in the Space ameba episode, in one scene people weren't even getting through the door of sickbay, he just had people there injecting them at the door.

So next time your watching the TOS, and Kirks eyes are lit by the “Kirk Drama light” and he doesn't immediately answer someone.... simply say “Excuse me... I couldn't hear you over the sound of my own Awesome” and let the Riffing commence.

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Clockmaker said...

I have had a correction from Dave S. we watched 5 episodes.