Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Caprica" Canceled

So SCFY has decided to cancel “Caprica”... Of course they have. Look, I understand that it wasnt 1st season BSG or even SGU but it was at least 3 times as better then the vast array of “made for ScFy” movies they have on. I mean I can turn on and watch Ghost Hunters or UFO Hunters or even my Genre favorite...Wrestling, nearly any day. For god’s Sake!! they have so much that could be done or has been done that they could show but NOOooooo they end up canceling one of the only decent Science Fiction shows they have on.

Its just like the History Channel, one is hard pressed to ever catch programming dealing with History amongst the vast array of Ice Road Trucky, Pawn Starry and American Pickery goodness. And as for the Military Channel....yeah I see you hiding over there in the corner.... Military history happens to pre-date 1914, you may want to look into that.

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Alien Zookeeper said...

Dayum... they sneak all this stuff out and post it on Friday, while people are doing WE things, don't they?

Y'know, at some point content is gonna be user-freindly again, cause former consumers are going to be creating all of it!

Freinds, I see great things coming for the little guys- the sky is the limit for small production companies, especially if Scifi Monster-of-the-Week is the new production standard!