Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dear SyFy Channel...

Ok, I like James Bond as much as the next guy, heck! guns and Bond girls are near about as pleasant as peanut butter and jelly, Chips and Dip or Easter and Bunny’s, but are they really Science Fiction?

I know, I know, It may just be me...after all you’re now the “SyFy Channel” not the “Sci Fi” Channel and James Bond may fit perfectly into the mysterious SyFy Genre (along with Wrestling)... what ever that is. Lets assume for a second that you do still have something to do with science fiction, would it have really been that hard to put on a Sci Fi movie marathon? really? Seriously? Don’t you alone have the largest collection of crap Sci-Fi movies in the world, all filmed in Slovakia for 3.42 cents?

Did ya just stop trying? was it to hard for ya? Whats next a Katherine Heigl Retrospect? How can showing Science Fiction movies be that hard, I bought a DVD with like 100 of them for 9.99 at best buy! You could even show... Dare I say It... Fantasy movies but no, you chose to show James Bond.

In all Fairness there was “Moonraker” and Goldfinger did try to kill bond with a Laser so maybe it is me, maybe I’m some kind of Zealot... a mindless purest that just doesn't get the mysterious “IT”... but for the love of god COME ON!!! There are like a zillion Star Trek Movies, 7 Star Wars movies ( although for the life of me I keep wanting to only admitt to 3) 4 Alien movies and a in explicable number of Resident Evil films alone not to mention the amazing number of b films from the 80’s till now. Think of all the TV shows that could be shown, Don’t you have years of Farscape?? ( does’nt SYFy own Claudia Black?) and a zillion hours of Stargates in its various forms?.

It could just be me, I could just be some mindless Sci-Fi purest (Could?) but it seems to me that you have just stopped trying.

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