Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Deckard.... replicant?

As a unrepentant geek, I am liable to like a few movies in the Sci Fi Genre, one such movie is Bladerunner. I saw it opening day and have seen it dozens of times since in its various forms. One thing has always bothered me is the argument that the hero Rick Deckard is a Replicant.

I know, I know...”Clockwinder, Ridley Scott said blah blah blah” well “Ridley Scott is high on the Crack” is all I have to say. Think about it, Does GM set out to design a car that is hands down worse then previous models? Deckard gets his butt Kicked by nearly every replicant, Zhura Practically offs him, Leon uses him to clean windshields (Then is killed by Rachel) Priss beats the living bejesus out of him and then is killed by a lucky shot and Finally Roy, the guy literally runs out of life, he spends so long kicking the snot out of him.

“But the Unicorn.... what about the Origami Unicorn” what about it? he also made a Matchstick man with a huge whosiewhatsit... that was sadly missing from a dream wasnt it? “But the pictures....he had pictures” SO DO I!!! am I a Replicant?.

I just don’t see it, I love the movie, in my opinion its the best Dark Future movie out there and also it is my opinion that Deckard is human, it makes for a better movie but then again, this is my opinion I shall allow you to think differently and I shall not think you are Hitler (This Time).


aravan said...

I couldn't agree more. No effin' way he's a Replicant. Preach on, brother!

Kyle said...

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Brian. Deep down you know the truth.

Clockmaker said...

Kyle, Really... seriously? ;o)