Friday, November 12, 2010

Can't Write

I am finding it hard to write like I used to. I haven't really written anything in a year. Its not from lack of Ideas, my head is swirling with them, its more or less from a inability to concentrate long enough on a single Idea. I want to write something... but just cant concentrate on it long enough. Maybe I will dump some stuff here and try to get things rolling again.


Artful Hubris said...

Nice blog :)

Alien Zookeeper said...

My modest goal is 500 words a day. at least that much, I know I can do, and mostly I do it, falling off the wagon frequently and climbing back on.

What happens with nano... yeah, but at 7100, today, that's fourteen of the last 19 days. And it's not the only stuff I've written, I finished a very short story today, flash fic that I'd like to submit to Everyday Weirdness.

All I'm saying is, one foot in front of the other, one page at a time... 8-P (and a page a day is a book a year, they tell me, if you write about the same thing every day 8-)