Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Clockwork Adventure #1

The Ruins of Gobo Blobbitter... Last Goblin King of Vort

News Years day found the Famed Clockwork adventurers exploring the banks of the White Clay Creek for the famed ruins of the last Goblin King of Vort ( Latter Newark Delaware)

After many a muddy mile, we soon came to the legendary “Whipping Wall” where we were beset by several WereSquirrels. A brief by hectic fight ensued and after the expenditure of a good deal of Deathray voltage, we found our selves standing before the legendary Ruin.

Here’s a shot looking down the “Goblin gate”, several traps were still in operation and it took thirty minutes to clear the way... Horace Twindlethumb, our elite illumination engineer, took a dart to the face and spent the remainder of the quest seeing gnome like shadows playing banjo’s... Goblin poisons are powerful things.

This is the base of the “Tower of Gobo Blobbitter”, of course it had a trap door burried under some debris and of course we descended down into the corridors below. Adventure was had, treasure was recovered and tales told that night by the fire of a nearby tavern.

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