Friday, January 28, 2011

A Day at the Beach??...

for the shore for a week”. My own family loves it, My mother lives down there, my Aunt owns a house down the shore and everyone dreams of their time on the sandy shores... everyone but me.

I will start with a disclaimer.... We met my Brother and law and his family down there last year and I had a blast watching the kids frolic but in general... I loathe the beach and I think I have since I was in High School.

To me, Mountains and forest have always been the places I wanted to escape to. I remember as a kid laying on the ground in the middle of a pine forest, on a bed of needles listening to a near by stream thinking how grand it was.

When I was at a moment in my life when I had few friends I remember ranging the woods and hills around Pike Creek, even in the snow and enjoying it. When I lived in Newkirk estates we practically lived down in the woods along the creek. During the Autumn and early Fall, you could find a spot out of the wind, and all though in the open it was cold, in your secluded spot the sun would warm ya to the point you almost wanted to fall asleep.

People would always squawk about going to the beach, I can honestly say I probably spent more time in the antique shops in and around Lewes then on the beach. I do go, my wife loves it and thats reason enough, the kids are enjoying it more and more. I don’t ever see me selling the kids on going to the Shanandoah for a week... Though I did kidnap Kevin to Harper’s Ferry and enjoyed it immensely ( though Kevin only liked it).

Do I have a Screw lose? undoubtedly, but The beach just doesnt hold the same appeal for me as others... I may not be the only one but sometimes I feel as though I am.


aravan said...

You definitely aren't alone. Every time I travelled for work when I lived in Florida, every would exclaim about my ability to go to the beach and how they'd live on the beach if they could. I hate the friggin' beach. I very rarely went after high school, and that was generally only when a relative would visit and insist on going.

Everyone would be shocked when I'd say I hated the beach. Indeed, why would I? Long hot hours sitting in traffic in the car! Expensive parking! Overpriced crap food! Hundreds of sweating people in close proximity! Sand in your shoes and shorts!

The ability to go to a secluded beach with no one around is awesome. At least I imagine it would be. My wife and I honeymooned in Wyoming, and tramping through woods and up mountains and stalking buffalo (before reading about how deadly they are, ha) made for such an awesome time. I'm with you. Gimme the mountains and woods and streams every day of the week, and everyone else can pound all the sand they want at the beach.

mirwyn said...

100% agree! I'd take a deciduous or evergreen forest any day over a beach!

Wren can be found in said...

I live at the beach...and long for the mountains. *sigh*