Wednesday, January 12, 2011

People... Sometimes... BAM! ZOOM!! TO THE MOON!

So... I was out this Morning to mail some packages, UPS went fine, then I headed to the Post office. Two people were working, one guy was doing a passport which apparently requires 2 or 3 hours of his time... as soon as I walk in woman walks up to the non-doing the passport Postal worker with... you guest it... A Passport. So nobody is moving for like 15 minutes ( I was second person in line) till a manager comes out and decides that the line, now out the door, may be a issue.

Well after I leave the post office I head home, the main roads werent bad at all and Delaware can be kinda pretty in the snow. I pull into our development and just as I approach the park I see a Black Pickup truck... on purpose... turn and drive onto the grass... where he then commences to do doughnuts, tossing up grass and dirt as he does it, at our park. As he drives back to the road he is just laughing his but off, the guy is in his 30’s not some kid... Man I was Peeved.

Then... with only yards to go to my house, I stop at a stop sign ( we old people do that ya know) and here comes Mr Tokyo Drift, he doesn't have a stop sign so I wait... he begins to turn my direction ( no turn signal BTW... in the snow they are optional) and he is heading straight for me... barely missing my truck. As he goes by he is looking at me with a “F U man Im cool” look as his girl friend looks terrified.... that isnt what gets me... what makes me think that there is no hope for us as a race, as his car nearly crashes into mine, on snow covered roads, he was driving with one hand and texting with the other.


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Anonymous said...

All perfectly good reasons why I can't stand people.