Saturday, January 08, 2011

Asking Girls out... in the age of Dinosaurs

I often think that females do not truly appreciate the torture that they put young men through. The sleepless nights, the nervous stomach aches that all lead to that first phone call, I still remember that pain to this day. Women think, we saunter over to the phone, pick it up and call them all as cool as cucumbers, well I got some news, at least for me, It was never that simple.

By the time I had talked to a girl on the phone I had probably tried calling her about 2 dozen times. I would hang up part way through dialing or, if I was feeling brave, as the first ring began. With each number I dialed, my heart would beat faster, breath would be harder to take, I swear I could see the end of the world rapidly approaching. When I think of how difficult it was just to ask a girl to a movie, its a wonder I ever got married.

I sure times have changed, with Cell phones and texting and the like and I am sure that a majority of it was my deep seated insecurities, but the shear trauma I suffered merely asking a girl out has probably scarred me for life... PTSD for the social inept if you will.

Then there was what to do on a first date...OMG!!! all I can do is laugh now, I remember once shaking a girls hand good lie.. shook her hand. What was I suppose to do?? I was a hopeless case... how some guys just Kissed a girl goodnight on the first date was beyond me.

Girls need to realize how hard it is to ask one of THEIR kind out. The pacing, the mental inventories of the top 10 reasons why she would never go out with you, the fear that if she rejected you, you would somehow become a outcast... all this and a infinity of equally dark and depressing thoughts would flood my mind as I tries to summon up the courage to dial that phone.

There was of course a sort of teenage love recon you could do, by sounding out the girls friend you could attempt to gauge her interest in you. How awkward must that have been “Hey X..I was wondering, If I asked Y out, do you think she will say yes?”. I guess If you phrase it as a theoretical question rejection didnt count.

I always had these issues, even when I first asked my wife out but thank god I over came them. I thank the lord everyday that I met my wife. To anyone who has these issues I can only say... I understand, but you’ll never know unless you ask her.

(BTW: Pretty in Pink was my wife and mine's first date :o)


Anonymous said...

what you said id true...but i think they know and enjoy it...other wise how could you end up so lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Exactly how you said it. Thinking back to those days still amanges to make me feel nervous and nauseous.