Monday, January 03, 2011

SyFy .... From hells heart I stab at Thee!!!

I found out Yesterday that Syfy has canceled Stargate Universe... one of the only shows left worth watching on the channel.

A few months back they Canceled Caprica, now this... this makes me despise the channel more then a human should hate anything. WHY?? It did so well in its Friday time slot, then you had to change the day and you wonder why ratings drop... guess what, it isn't the show.

RAT SOUP!!! if they put on more “Ghost Hunters” or Wrestling I’m going to hurl.

SyFy used to be one of my favorite channels, back before the dark times.... before the empire. Now it is a depository for every bad movie made for 3.07 cents in Eastern Europe or Canada. I only rarely watch the channel now... Saddly SGU was the one show I did watch.

I admit SGU wasnt “Firefly”, but hells bells! it was alright, better then most stuff they had on there, now with Warehouse 13, Sanctuary and what ever else, they have successfully taken the “Space” out of the Science Fiction Genre. Come on people... I live on earth, do I really need all my Sci-Fi shows based there... and in modern day!!

I hate you SyFy channel !

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mattruane said...

For me at least, I'll still tune in for what is left: Eureka and Warehouse 13. I never could get into Sanctuary, and while I have been following SGU, it just hasn't grabbed my undying interest. Now maybe the prequel for BSG might work in a way Caprica never got its feet underneath itself.

What I still want to know on Caprica, which I doubt I will ever find out, is how the robotic Cylons meshed with the human-form Original 5 Cylons from BSG.