Monday, January 17, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory.... TEMPLE OF EVIL!!!!

The MLK holiday has traditionally been a “Date” day for my wife and I. We go out to lunch do some shopping... just a relaxing kind of day. This year we decided to make a trip to The Cheesecake Factory at the Christiana mall, both of us had never been so we looked forward to our lunch.

For lunch itself, we started out with the corn fritters... they were kind of “Meh” neither outstanding nor sucking. Kathy ordered the Quesadilla which she considered kind of middle of the road. I on the other hand, had ordered the Blackened Chicken Sandwich off the cuff when the pasta I was going to order didnt sound quite so good when the waitress described it, I was not disappointed, it was a tasty sandwich, one I would get again.

For desert I had my first piece of Cheesecake. There was some tense moments when it seemed like every desert they had was festooned ( DING!!! first time I used that word in a sentence) with nuts and I prepared to skip Desert. Kathy ordered her Cheese cake and the waitress began to panic and name off deserts that may or may not have had nuts. I have never been a cheesecake fan... in fact one could say I hate cheesecake but I ordered some sort of Banana Cheesecake on a “What the Hey!” kind of whim, figuring if I didn't eat it, we could take it home for Kathy. I have to say I enjoyed it, I thought the Bannanas could have been riper but it was good... and thats saying allot from me.

The service was good, even though the restaurant was crowded our waiters made every effort to make sure we were taken care of. We werent delayed in any way when we were ready to pay, the restaurant was clean.... And Seemingly pleasant.... Seemingly.

My eyes started to drift around, taking in the decor of the place, at first I was ”awe thats nice” but slowly the icy hand of terror started to grip my soul. First their were these pillars... some sort of sacrificial pillars to a ancient egyptian god of evil confectionaries... I swear, look at those things, you can see the evil gaze of egyptian faces glaring out at you. I figure they probably don’t sacrifice there everyday... but I’m not going to be near that place on a equinox.

Then there were the mini eyes of Sauron Everywhere I am not making this up... look at the pictures... Its a shame because if there is one group of people that would probably love them some cheesecake its hobbits but I don’t see one stepping within 300 feet of this place and its all seeing eyes of evil.

So by all means... eat at the Cheesecake Factory... but be very very careful.

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Anonymous said...

I just KNEW cheesecake was inherently evil. Vindication!