Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thoughts while shoveling snow...

Not so much thoughts as they are Day Dreams, ways to occupy my mind while shoveling.

I usually start off with the one where I am a American Folk hero, sort of like John Henry, but white and fat.... and its up to me to clean up after the Great Fluff-n-nutter train derailment of 09. The vaccine can’t get through unless I... The Clockwinder... clear the tracks of the gooey goodness of Fluff-n-nutter. Generally there is usually a song that goes with this... with Pete Seeger leading the town folk.

When that runs its course, and ya still have half a driveway to clear, I reach deep. Tonight it was one where I am a Barbarian... allot like Conan... if Conan looked like me. You know the story, parents killed by a evil guy, im sold into slavery, but where as Conan had his giant wheel to push to make him strong... I have snow shoveling. Of course there are super hawt babes that dig me for my shoveling prowess and there is a epic battle ( or shovel off) against the Evil lord who killed my parents and his army of snow men ( winning involved a snow ball as a distraction). I have a great line before I kill him with my shovel... “Dig This!”.

Shoveling is a Boredom and monotony sandwich with a serving suck on the side... ya have to do what ya can to enjoy it :o)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome.

After just finishing my driveway again - third time in 14 hours - I now realize what I have been missing out on. All I have is a mantra running through my head: "Ears cold. Snow heavy. This sucks. Ears cold. Snow heavy. This sucks." Daydreams are a much better idea.

DGags said...

I <3 BK.