Thursday, January 20, 2011

Computer games... How I miss thee.

I like to play games on the PC... it makes me happy. MMORPG, regular RPGs and strategy games have filled many joy filled hours of my life... but not recently.

I did enjoy Mass Effect 2, I had never played 1 but 2 was outstanding... but thats really it. Nothing new has really come out recently, nothing really grabs me. I still every once in a while replay Fallout 1 and 2, Starcraft but nothing new.

I have played MMORPGs for years, Star Wars Galaxies, WOW, EQII, LOTROL, WHOL and DDO and loved them. I reinstated my WOW account late last year, but it just wasn’t the same ( I did however get to see the Cataclysm changes). DDO and LOTR both are free now and I have thought about going back, but They just dont have the same appeal for me.

“Maybe your growing up” you say “No frickn way!” I snap back, I desperately want to play something... its just not there. Friends say to wait for the new Star Wars MMORPG but that could be years and require a new machine... I want my medicine now!

I have a tendency to get motion sick with 1st person games... but I have been messing with Brothers in arms and have been doing ok but its like a bandage over a deeper wound... more treatment is needed.

I can see the end of PC gaming coming, I watch as stores carry less and less PC games... how more and more games are made for the consoles, but I still I want one last hurrah... one last great PC game that will blow my socks off, so great that they’ll make it into a movie. Come on game companies don’t let me down.

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aravan said...

It's funny - I used to only play PC games, but have now become an Xbox 360 devotee. It's nice to not need to worry about requirements and new games coming out requiring me to get a new PC. I barely even turn on my gaming PC except for every few months to get updates. I think StarCraft is the only PC game that's come out recently that was a big deal - because you couldn't have it on a console - but the MMORPG market seems to be withering and dying. Sure, WoW still manages to get a lot of people (somehow) but every offering in the last few years has fizzled and died. I hope you do indeed get your last great PC game - and that they port it to the Xbox so I can play it too.