Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year..... From the Clockwinder

10 years ago, on New Years eve, I was with a bunch of very nervous people in a Major banks year 2000 command center, hoping that the 2 and a half years of work that we had put in would pay off. My Wife was at our friends house, at a party and they took a picture of her and some friends talking on the phone, they were talking to me, wishing me a happy New Year.... and yes, all our work did pay off.

Over the past 10 years allot has changed, I watched as our nation was attack, and as my Brother was sent to war, twice. I have become the father of two fine young men and Sadly, all my Grand Parents have past away. Some friends have past, Justin Hoover, my friends wife and others... I am thankful to have known them.

I have been blessed with friends both old and new, I love the fact that I now can keep in touch with friends from High School, spy on their lives, via social media. I still game with the same gang I gamed with since around 1985 and still count a huge slew of re-enactors as great friends ( and miss them very much since I havent been able to attend many events). There are also my friends from around home, in scouting and through gaming... I can say that the good lord has truly blessed me with some great and interesting family and friends.

In the past decade there has been good and bad, sadness and happiness, the strange “Ying Yang” thing we call life, but isnt that how its supposed to be? I sometimes think I get more bad then good.... but If I really look at it, I am truly blessed to share this ride with so many great people and a Wife and Children that remind me everyday how lucky I am.

To all of you, Happy New Year, its just a scale of time, a measure... but for some reason we assign great store to the magical day of “changing calenders” I guess because it is human nature to hope... and I hope you all have a Fantastic new decade and that we flawed decedents from apes over come our self-built obstacles to make the future a little... not asking much, just a little... Brighter.

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