Monday, December 27, 2010

So long Christmas...

Well, Christmas 2010 has now come and gone, The smile on the boys faces and the non stop playing with new toys have made it a enjoyable holiday. The boys even got time to play with their cousins from NY who were down for a couple days.

We sort of got snow... they called for snownarok but we just got a average little snow fall (but with lots of wind). I still love snow, I remember as a kid being out at night in heavy snow and just listening to it fall, no other sound but the snow hitting branches and the ground. Snow was a gift from god as a child, snow forts, snow ball fights ( learning to use trash can lids as shields) and sledding could only be done if Snowdin was appeased.

Christmas vacation as a teen also meant gaming. You got all those days off and that meant you could slug your way through a module or two. You were sequestered in a friends basement like Cardinals electing a new pope. You had a stack of books, a pile of dice and no other commitments except defeating the Invincible Overlord. Good lord could we drink some soda during those sessions.

As Santa returns to the north pole and the year comes to a end I am truely thankful for my friends and family. I hope the New year finds me employed once again ( I know... a little greedy here) and that our family remains healthy.

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