Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tron: Legacy

Ok, I liked the first Tron movie... my close friends will tell ya I aint hard to please, but I liked it. I have been keeping close tabs on the sequel since I found out about from the Comicon footage last year... I have to say it LOOKs awesome.

Recently I have had a bad run of luck on movies I have highly anticipated, I.E. the SW prequels, Matrix II and III and The Last Air Bender to name a few. So I am hoping the hype and indeed the released imagery is as good as what we have seen so far and that the story is good enough... thats all I am asking.... Good enough.

I have a friend, I shall protect his true identity by calling him Amocay, he is the biggest Tron fan I know and has been for as long as I have known him, I believe his computer used to log on with “Greetings Program”, I hope the movies are good for his sake. If the movie is successful maybe we’ll see more Dark Future/ cyberpunk kinda films, addaptions of Sterling and Gibson’s work.

It is odd to note that of most of my friends, I am the only one that really embraces the Cyberpunk, or Dark Future Genre. Most of the gang are True Fantasy or Sci-Fi “It aint Space I ain’t Watch’n” kinda folk. In a earlier post I alluded to the mocking I sometimes get about Bladerunner. I remember back in the day thinking Max Headroom was a Awesome show but I also remember being disappointed by some of the drek that also came out “Free Jack” and “Johny Mnemonic” come to mind. I’d love to see a movie that really shows the Cyber-Hackers world and think we are at a point to show it.


aravan said...

C'mon, man, Freejack was awesome! Mick Jagger's acting has been denied to us too long.

I hear ya about the trepidation around those movies you get hyped for then actually see. You're there, all excited, and then the first wrong note hits and you think - hey, OK, that wasn't awesome, but I can roll - and then the next comes, and the next, and it's like your smile is now rigidly attached to face by wires and string because you refuse to acknowledge the train wreck even as you're watching, desperately trying to convince yourself that it's OK, really, everything is fine, but it isn't, not really, and you start to feel a little dizzy and then it's over, and you're walking out of the theater and kinda half-hearing your friends talking about the parts they thought were cool, but the whole time your brain just keeps saying, over and over, "I think that was...ass. I think that was actually ass," and the smile you've held long even enough for a billionaire playboy to consider throwing an oddly-shaped boomerang at starts to slip, and you wander out into a world you weren't ready for, where the Jedis are actually just disease carriers, and the last vestiges of humanity huddling below ground are hippy ravers, and Faramir is a complete tool, and it's a world you hate.

Or maybe that's just me.

Clockmaker said...

you....and I. That was exactly how I felt during episode 1 and when Faramer (I've changed the spelling cause he couldn't possibly have been the character I loved) came on screen.

I still remember having bought tickets for every screening opening day of EP 1, then seeing it twice, just went home defeated.

Anonymous said...

Brian do you remember the Tron Arcade Game?

Looking forward to the sequal as well.

Clockmaker said...

I do indeed remember, not only Tron, but the arcade game "Discs of Tron" as well... I could have played the light cycle level of "Tron" all day.