Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who would you want to share a escape pod with?...

So I was trying to think of some sort of mind numbing and thought provoking EOY list that would have the free world agog at my towering intellect... then I decided to simply comprise a list of my top 10 favorite Sci Fi Ladies. The question being “Who would you want to share a escape pod with?”

Dax... from “Deepspace 9” played by both Terry Farrell and Nicole De Boer. I was unable to decide which one I liked the most so I came up with a convoluted reason to include them both under one entry. I even love the Trill markings.

7 of 9 From “Voyager” played by Jeri Ryan. So after x number of seasons in, when they realized that the geeks were drifting away from the show, the powers that be introduced The Character of 7 of 9... honestly if the show was just her eating a sandwich for a hour ratings would have soared... and after Janeway and Torres for a couple of years, we were thankful.

Selene from the “Underworld” Movies played by Kate Beckensale. I don’t really know if the Underworld movies are in the strictest sense “Sci Fi” but come on... Kate with those contacts, tight leather outfit and blazing guns... OMG!

Commander Kiva from “SGU” played by Rhona Mitra. Ok...I admit, I had to find a Character to include Rhona Mitra on the list... but truly it is for her earlier work as a Lara Croft model that I truly recognized her... Talent. She has had many other roles in the Genre and I can only hope for more.

Shazza from “Pitch Black” played by Claudia Black. I’ll admitt it, Im just a big Claudia Black fan from the first season of Farscape on. She is one of those actresses that lost entirely to much weight at one point and looked kinda bad but she look great in Pitch Black... until she got killed... Oh, Spoiler alert.

Persephone from the really bad “Matrix” sequels Monica Belluci. I hated the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies... except for the parts with Monica Belluci... in my opinion if you took those two steaming piles of crap, and cut out her scenes, spliced them together... things would have been allot better

Gem from “Tron: Legacy” Played by Beau Garrett. Ok, now I have seen pictures of this actress and have thought “Meh” but put her in that white hair and contacts, then that costume and its “Greetings Program”.

Athena from the Original “Battlestar Galactica” played by Maren Jenson. OMG as a youngster I thought she was “It”. The episode where the women had to become pilots... holy cow! how did that not win some sort of presidential award... Is there no justice in this world.

Inara From “Firefly” played by Morena Baccarin. Inara left little smoking hawt foot prints where ever she went... She also had some pretty cool scenes in the show, a favorite is when her and Saffron meet.

Barbarella from “Barbarella” played by Jane Fonda. All right, you may not agree with Jane’s politics... but she was something as Barbarella. I believe I first saw this movie on HBO and thinking “Gawd this sucks... But she’s something to look at”. The opening credits... thats all Im going to say.

Allot of things are missing from the list, Princess Leia for one, Ripley (never did anything for me), Taarna form Heavy Metal or Cylon number 8 ( Sorry Boomer) but lets face it, I only had 10 slots to fill so we had to leave some fine Characters behind.


keith said...

Bea Arthur

Anonymous said...

A couple of these I don't know, so I'd have to throw in Erin Grey from Buck Rogers. She, uh, came along at the right time in my development. Mila Jojovitch in Fifth Element would be up there for me as well.

Dave Starks said...

I think the overall look of Storm Ororo from the X-Men was inspired by "Barbarella"...good choices all, but how about Farrah-Fawcett-Majors from "Logan's Run"? I was heartbroken when she took a laser to the face in that one...oh, wow, "Taarna"! Taarakian Defenders are no joke; that might make for an excellent Fantasy HERO campaign there...