Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Snodyssey ...

Last winter was hard, I think we got about 30 feet of snow... alright maybe not that much but we had more then our share and or norm... We Survived. This afternoon we got maybe a inch and a half and my life turned into a Epic of Galactic proportions.

First I had to drop my wife off to pick up her car in Newark, simple yes? It had already started snowing and I could tell that the Traffic Volume was picking up. It was then that I decided to cancel tonight's Den Meeting, I didnt want people worrying or hurrying to make a 6:30 meeting. I dropped Wife and youngest off ( I had to threaten a santa intervention to get the youngest to comply) and headed to wilmington to pick up my Eldest in wilmington.

As soon as I turned onto Kirkwood Hwy from Cleveland Ave ( My return from the Trojan War as it were) traffic was bumper to bumper moving no more then 5 mph... when it moved. This was strange because my entire time on Kirkwood Hwy i didn't pass a single accident. Finally right before Midway shopping center, Traffic opened up, I could maintain 25 mph... that is until I came up on someone doing 5 MPH, thats right, no one around them, just driving 5 MPH. Traffic was fairly normal up through Elsmere into Wilmington.

After I grabbed Kevin we headed down Maryland Ave to avoid the mess on Kirkwood Hwy... and I actually thought I had won, I had beaten the fates... then I hit Newport. From Newport to Staton alone took me over a hour. People would block intersections preventing traffic from moving, cars were bumper to bumper...only one or two cars making it through each cycle of the light... but still no Accidents.

It wasnt until we turned onto Ogletown rd that we began to see cars off to the side, again traffic slowed then came to a stand still, there was apparently a fender bender so people in both lanes decided to stop dead in the middle of the rd blocking both lanes. Luckly we were stoped by the turning lane that leads into the shopping center by Best Buy and the Home Depot by the hospital... I turned and decided to stop and get Kevin and I some hot dogs for dinner and see if traffic lightened up.

In the time it took us to eat a Hot Dog and some fries.... A christmas Miracle happened, the rest of the ride home went smoothly, though slow and thankfully we arrived home safely. Started our trip at 3:30 got home at 8:15, Not a good day for driving

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday was utterly ridiculous. My commute is nearly all interstate, then a stretch on 896. There was no snow on either road. It was essentially the equivalent of a light misting rain. That didn't stop people from doing exactly as you said, driving 10 miles an hour despite not being near anyone. I was ready to club a baby seal to death by the time I got home. I've only been driving in snow for five friggin' years after growing up in Florida, and somehow I'm not the one in mortal terror? It's a good thing my car doesn't have those disintegrator beams mounted in the headlights like I always pretend.