Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Strange twist of Acting fate...

I am opinionated... and thats my opinion, but i have strong feelings in regards to so called “Talent” in hollywood that have, from time to time... flipped.

Case in point... Leonardo Decaprio, I hated this guy for the longest time. When he would make a movie I would think “Hey isn’t River Pheonix dead?” ( which isnt really fair because I liked River) I despised everything he did. Then one night for some strange reason (Read: Jennifer Connelly) I decided to watch a movie called “Blood Diamond” and ever since then I have loved everything I have seen with him in it.

Sort of the opposite for ol’ Ben Affleck, I was fond of some of his earlier work but have hated what he has done recently.

Surprisingly, Harrison Ford is another case, I loved his early stuff, and not just Han Solo and Indy but his Jack Ryan and some of his serious films as well. However lately I fear his presence in any film like a Pan-Pacific Islander fears the Volcano god... his visage on the screen means certain death to a film.

Cameron Diaz... oh Miss Diaz, I loved her in “Something about Mary” but now there is something about her I find... disturbing, like she has a Joker face or something. That may be shallow, but she cant act plain and simple.

With this being said, what is out today may be in tomorrow. I may decided that Drake and Josh really don’t deserve to be placed in a cattle car bound for “points east” or that Nicholas Cage is actually one of Hollywoods hidden talents. But until that day.... they aren’t invited to dinner.


aravan said...

I still hate Leo with every fiber of my being. I will continue to carry that torch for both of us, if I must.

I do understand that odd occurence, though. I could stand George Clooney until I saw O Brother Where Art Thou, and I've liked him in everything since, even movies I despised before because of him. Odd. Brad Pitt is another one, although now I can tolerate his presence as opposed to actively enjoying it.

Dead on about Harrison Ford, though. His interviews are really really bad, too.

mattruane said...

I think for Harrison Ford its called "jumping the shark" but when that happened exactly, I don't know. Maybe the movie with Anne Heche (Seven Days, Seven Nights?).