Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Hobbit casting controversy...

I was reading on how Peter Jackson has cast Cate Blanchett to reprise her role as Galadriel and is close to casting Orlando Bloom to reprise Legolas... in the Hobbit... thats right, in the Hobbit.

I hate to appear to be a zealot Tokienite but for the love of good Peter!!! I loved the lord of the rings trilogy, and have read them multiple times, however its “the Hobbit” that holds a special place in my heart, it was the first of the middle earth books that I read and feel in love with, the style of the writing, the tales it told, I believe, appeal greatest to younger readers. I know “what Bilbo Baggins hates”, and I’m pretty sure he hates Peter Jackson.

Yes! Yes! I know, not every book translates well to the big screen, the author has liberties a director does not... but come on, if you cant make 2 decent movies out of what has already been supplied then give up. Maybe Legolas could be in the background during the scenes of the wood elf king of Mirkwood but thats it. with all the great characters that only appear in the hobbit why add stuff.

UG! maybe its to early to climb on the hate wagon but come on!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree - there isn't much necessity to Legolas beyond a brief background appearance at most. As to Galadriel...umm, I am completely unsure that there is any reason to include her in the Hobbit. The Hobbit is about, well, the Hobbit, not about the Great and Powerful (all of whom have the most extra-minor role in the book - even Gandalf disappears during every critical moment), which allows Bilbo to shine in the first place. I'll reserve judgment until I see it of course, I don't understand Peter Jackson sometimes.

kass said...

I'm not a Tolkien scholar (that would be Bob) but doesn't Galadriel actually play a role in other pre-LotR works? Perhaps Jackson is trying to incorporate that into the Hobbit. I don't know if it makes sense though unless he's trying to make a combo of The Hobbit and the Silmarillion or something.

Legolas, I agree with you there, As much as I adore Orlando Bloom.