Monday, December 06, 2010

You Know your getting old when....

Everyday when looking over’s headlines, i glance up at its “Trending Now” section. This section claims to show the hottest web searches. I have to say that 9 times out of 10 I havent a clue who these people are.

Is it because I am so aged that I have become one of those people who have no grasp of popular culture? I was amazed that these people get book deals... holy cow!!! I don’t even know who they are, if they had done something mind-numbingly amazing I would think at some point I would have heard about it!

Same with music... my wife tunes the radio on the alarm clock to 93.7 in the morning, when it goes off my first thought is usually “Who the hell is that!”. When I catch glimpses of music award shows im like... “Oh wait... there’s a old guy, I know him, but who are the rest of these people”. If my son didnt watch some of the Nick shows I am sure I’d be totally clueless.

It got me thinking about my grand parents and how when we went over to their house, they’d always watch “The Lawrence Welk Show”... have I become a slightly updated version of this... am I doomed to be watching VH1 replaying old 80’s videos when my grand kids come over “That There is Pat Benitar... and thems the Devo’s sonny... Oh the memories”.

I look at my Ipod, I have one or two songs from the now, but must of what I have is olde timey stuff. At some point in my life I may have crossed that line finally, I may have become that thing that all kids hate... a grown up... but I just don’t see it, I’d like to think I still fight the good fight but at the end of the day, I may just yell at the neighbors kids to stay in their own damn yard.

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Anonymous said...

Me, I blame the proliferation of Insta-Rise Celebrity Yeast from all the stupid reality shows like Real Housewives and Jersey Shore and their ilk. A whole bunch of nobodies suddenly appear, "everyone" (i.e. People Magazine)is talking about them, and then they (hopefully) vanish back into the murk. In the meantime, though, we only hear their first names and yet somehow, a lot of people know exactly who you mean. In my day, only Prince and Madonna got the one-name treatment, and that was because they were completely made up.

Of course, saying "in my day" automatically makes you old, so I'm screwed.