Friday, December 03, 2010

November declared “CLOCKEMBER” !!!!

A Message from the Management of the Clockwork Jalopy...

Thats right, the Clockwork Jalopy had one of its busiest months in November with a Person or in fact people visiting the site at least once a day. Corporate standards were relaxed here at the Clockwork Studio’s as the Employees were allowed a casual dress day and many events were held to celebrate throughout the corporate campus.

Tonight, in honor of the hard work and sacrifice of the staff, we took him out to “Deer head” Hot dogs for a gourmet meal. I gave myself a great motivational speech and I remember being very inspired by it... it urged me on to bigger and greater things in the months ahead.

So to all the reader or maybe even readers, we here at Clockwork Jalopy would like to thank you for your loyalty over the last 30 days and... with the holidays upon us... may you let The Clockwork Jalopy be your Cyber Yuletide log.

Merry Non-denominational winter festival to each and everyone of you.

The Clockwinder


aravan said...

And a happy Whatever Winter Festival Name That Doesn't Offend You right back at you!

aravan said...

Oh, and I hope you asked yourself for a raise.